You Need:
- Beanie (any color)
- Two 4.5 inch knitted pom poms (we got ours from
- A needle
- Thread (preferably same color as beanie/pom poms)
- Scissors
- A mirror!

How To:
1. Place beanie on your head and hold both pom poms up, where you plan on placing them. Keep holding in place while you take beanie off
2. Thread needle and tie a knot (5 repetitions) at end of string
3. Find a strong/thick part of the beanie and poke needle all the way through the beanie and pom pom, repeat this movement backwards and forewards at least three times
4. Begin sewing pop poms to the beanie, one at a time, in place – make sure to do so repetitively and thoroughly, so that they stay put! Keep checking in mirror to make sure they are evenly spaced and situated
5. Snip any loose threads