Melbourne-based Milliner, Rachel Skepper is turning heads with her unique designs – one fabulous hat at a time…

What brought about the creation of your line?

I was invited as a stylist to assist the head designer of Yohji Yamamoto’s Y’s Red Label for their Autumn/Winter 2009 Fashion Show in Tokyo. After the show the designer asked me to collaborate with her and design the millinery for her next fashion collection showcased during Japan Fashion Week. And the rest is history!

In 2011, my millinery creations were featured in the Italian and Russian editions of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Who/what inspires your designs?

My colourful childhood and upbringing are of strong inspiration for my millinery creations and are a reflection of my design aesthetic.

The endless beauty of nature, birds, flowers and the four seasons also provide a vast source of inspiration for my work.

How would you describe/characterise your both your design and personal style?

My personal style and design can be best described as feminine and unique.

What is the goal for your brand?

To create stylish hats that can be worn by everyone. That is the magic of accessories!

Describe your most treasured hat/fascinator?

During my childhood, my mother purchased a straw boater hat for me from Italy which was adorned with green tartan ribbon. The hat remains a treasured piece in my wardrobe.

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is coming up, what styles do you predict will be on the racetrack (hats)?

For the 2011 Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, a brimmed hat is essential on the racetrack. Whether it be a 1970′s style soft brimmed hat referencing Bianca Jagger or a straw or felt boater perched slightly off center, hats with a brim will set the trend this season.

Whose style do you admire?

Apart from fashion icons and historical figures, I admire my mothers effortless style. She is the most influential and stylish figure in my life.