When music and organic beauty combine, the result is a delicious fusion to soothe the mind, body and soul. Born from a love of Trap music and a health-conscious mind, trapstick is an all natural, nourishing lip balm, created by Jessica Lott. A self-confessed lip balm addict, Jessica is setting out to make the world a more naturally beautiful place one trapstick at a time!

Style Becomes Her favorite: Blood Orange and Grapefruit.

What’s the story behind your “trapstick?”

In May 2012 I stopped using shampoo and conditioner. I wanted to be more organic with the products that I use because it’s better for me, better for the environment, and better for my wallet. I’ve been using lip balm for over a decade so I did some research and started making my own! After using my homemade lip balm, a friend suggested making it in bulk and selling it. So I did some more research, had a few trial runs, and then RUN THA CHAP! trapstick became official in April 2013.

Can you tell us a bit about the ingredients? Is it all natural?

Yes, the ingredients are all natural. The ingredients are beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, essential oil, and love. These ingredients are all you need. They all contribute to protecting your skin and keeping it healthy.

What’s the creation process like?

I melt the ingredients together and then pour the liquid into empty tubes. The lip balm takes about 20 seconds to dry. Then once they’re dry, I put the caps and labels on them. The labels have a perforated seal so you know that you’re the first to use the trapstick. I made my handwriting into a font so that’s what I use when I create the labels.

What’s your favorite Trapstick flavor right now?

Peppermint because it’s minty and tingly.

What are your plans for the future? Any expansion on the product line?

My goal with this is to change the world in a more beautifully organic way. It truly breaks my heart that people think they need makeup to feel pretty. Beauty doesn’t come from chemically made products. Beauty comes from the inside and is very natural, so why cover it up with fake products?

For my trapstick, I experiment with different flavors every couple months to see what works and what doesn’t. Eventually I do want to expand to lip stains, perfumes, body butter, and possibly soaps.

If you could have any one person as your trapstick pin up guy/girl, who would it be?

I already have a pin-up girl, and that is my best friend Damaris. Damaris is the RUN THA CHAP! hype man. She’s who I go to for advice, and she promotes my trapstick in a major way.

My pin-up guy would be Dillon Francis. He has tremendous talent, is fucking hilarious, and always has such awesome energy. He has a huge following and is VERY active on social media so he would be the perfect pin-up guy.

What are your top handbag essentials – the ones you never leave the house without?

Well first off my handbag is a Spongebob backpack… My essentials are trapstick, phone, and wallet.

Are you a fan of Trap music?

I LOVE trap music hence RUN THA CHAP! trapstick.

What inspires/influences you in your work?

My parents, friends, and music. My parents because they are the reason I am who I am. My friends support me, help me, motivate me… Everything. I’m so in love with all of my friends because they keep me genuinely happy. Music is a huge part of my world as well. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and share my product with a lot of my favorite artists. They’ve helped me with the name, ideas, and promotion. They create the music and the world that I love so being able to give something that I create to them is true inspiration.

What’s your vice?

I don’t really feel guilty for anything that I enjoy doing so no “guilty pleasures” really, but bad habits… Procrastination? I’m a pretty neurotic person, but I still wait until the last minute to do everything.

If you are interested in purchasing RUN THA CHAP!, custom orders, labels, requests, etc. you can visit the Etsy shop: or email