Septum piercings are all the latest rage – with girls adorning their noses with simplistic, chic and tribal designs. While putting another hole through my nose seemed like too much of a commitment for a 29 year old woman, a fun faux tribal piece from Vida Kush definitely appealed more. I think it’s interesting that septum piercings are thought by many to be a “lesbian thing.” I think about them in a different context. It depends on the girl her look, her attitude – the way she holds herself. I definitely don’t think septum piercings are for everyone, but they sure as hell are a fun accessory to rock at a music festival or a cheeky night out on the town.

Vida Kush pieces are available for purchase at the Melrose Trading Post, Los Angeles, every Sunday 10am-5pm or online WWW.VIDAKUSH.COM

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