When a penchant for style and a heart filled with wanderlust are combined, the result is a is a cultured and captivating experience, that is The Piece Collection.

The Piece Collection is a travel-inspired lifestyle brand, comprised of two free-spirited gypsets who travel all across the globe to scour the hustling and bustling streets and markets of the world, in search of the most vibrant and unique hidden treasures the earth has to offer. From hand-crafted leather bags and wallets to precious jewels and a plethora of color-popping printed blankets and pillows, The Piece Collection captures stylish snippets of the world to share with their customers. From Turkey to Morocco, India, Peru and beyond, The Piece Collection enables it’s wearer to carry a little piece of the world with them, everywhere they go.

Immerse yourself in The Piece Collection’s worldly adventures on Instagram @thepiececollection

Shop their collection on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThePieceCollection

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